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pacificant fic & icon exchange INDEX!

Here is the master list for the FIC & ICON EXCHANGE! We have fic and icons in 12 FANDOMS: Battlestar Galactica, Due South, Eastwick, Hard Core Logo, Last Night, Slings and Arrows, Star Trek TOS, Star Trek XI, Tales of the City, Twitch City, White Collar, and Wilby Wonderful!

Please note: with icon sets, the recipient has the option to claim up to 2 for their exclusive use. Before you nab any icons, *please* make sure the ones you want to take are shareable. Thanks!

pacificant fic & icon exchange INDEX!

Battlestar Galactica
#25. "A Change of Strategy", Battlestar Galactica, Kara/Leoben for akite from mamaffy

Due South
#3. "A little this side of the snow", Due South, Fraser/Victoria for Akamine_chan from Petra
#4. "High Femme", Due South, Frannie/Elaine fic for kinetikatrue from Petra
#6. "Untitled", Due South, RayV gen for exeterlinden from kinetikatrue
#10. "It Came to Pass", Due South, Ray/Ray Snippet for exbex from akite
#11. "Impossible Before Breakfast", Due South, Fraser/Vecchio, for exbex from sam_gamgee
#18. "Upon Reflection", Due South, Turnbull/Welsh, for sam_gamgee from umbrella_half
#19. "Three Half-Used Candles, Six Matches, Pemmican, and Peanut Butter PowerBars", due South, F/K, for malnpudl from helens78
#23. "Don't Kill the Messenger (he's already dead)", White Collar/dS crossover, Mozzie gen for isis from china_shop
#27. "What Happens and Does Not Unhappen", Due South, FK, for malnpudl from primroseburrows
#30. "Freaks Like Us", Due South, Turnbull/Dewey fic for sam_gamgee from exbex

#5. RayV icons for love_jackianto from roadie
#8. Due South, non red serge Fraser icons for helens78 from idreamedmusic
#32. Newbie and Fraser icons for idreamedmusic from whoisus

#33. "Black Cat Romance", Eastwick, Darryl/Roxie, for Mamaffy from akamine_chan

Hard Core Logo
#13."A spoonful of sugar", HCL, Joe/Billy for umbrella_half from exeterlinden
#14. "Too drunk", HCL, Joe/Billy for idreamedmusic from exeterlinden

#26. Hard Core Logo icons for exeterlinden from endcredits

Last Night
#15. Last Night, icons for endcredits by mrsfrankenstien

Slings and Arrows
#29. "Untitled", Slings & Arrows, Geoffrey/Ellen fic for mrsfrankenstein from exbex
#31. "The Minister of Cheap Tricks and Bare Bosoms", Slings & Arrows, Darren, for kinetikatrue from isis

#16. Slings & Arrows, Darren icons for primroseburrows by mrsfrankenstien
#22. Slings and Arrows, Geoffrey and Darren icons for roadrunner1896 from love_jackianto

Star Trek TOS & Star Trek XI
#9. Star Trek: TOS, Kirk/Spock icons for red_eft from idreamedmusic
#21. Star Trek: Reboot icons for umbrella_half from grissecon
#24. Star Trek icons (TOS and Reboot) for Grissecon from Red Eft

Tales of the City
#1. "Hot Summer Night", Tales of the City, Brian/Mouse for petra from malnpudl

Twitch City
#17. "Expired Brownie Mix", Twitch City, Hope/Curtis/Newbie, for mrsfrankenstien from umbrella_half

#32. Newbie and Fraser icons for idreamedmusic from whoisus

White Collar
#12. "Over the Line", White Collar, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, for grissecon from sam_gamgee
#23. "Don't Kill the Messenger (he's already dead)", White Collar/dS crossover, Mozzie gen for isis from china_shop
#28. "The Midnight Flight of Birds", White Collar, for china_shop from Sage

#7. White Collar icons for sage from kinetikatrue
#20. White Collar icons for petra from grissecon

Wilby Wonderful
#2. "Legacy", Wilby Wonderful, Buddy-Duck gen for whoisus from malnpudl

YAY!! HUGE Thanks to everyone for playing! \o/


Apr. 11th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)
I am loving this exchange.

Will there be a master list of icons claimed by the recipients? I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track, especially with the some of these getting posted on both DW and LJ.
Apr. 11th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Ack, um, to be honest, I'm relying on the icon makers to edit their posts to tell us. I've done practically nothing but write my fic & mod this thing since last Sunday. I'm desperate for a break. *falls over*

If it isn't clear, you can always comment asking which are shareable. With luck, everyone will edit their posts accordingly.